Code Night Resources

Tutorials for Code Night and the Week of Code can be found at one of the following: - Tutorials in support of the Week of Code. - Student and teacher portal for the global programming challenge. Allows your student to log in and for teachers to monitor progress, as well as keeping track of how many hours students are the world work on the project. - Links to many tutorials on higher level programming, such as Javascript, HTML, CSS, and SQL—all tools used in building web sites and web apps.

Scratch - An MIT online block programming site, allowing kids to do more advanced projects and games with the block-oriented programming concepts they have learned during Code Night.


Other resources: ­— A visual programming editor pioneered by Google — A similar visual editor — Focused on encouraging girls to code

And for more advanced programmers: — A site allowing experimentation with the mix of tools that make up web pages

Contact Info

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