Fairmont Succeeds with Grants

Thanks to great leadership and the efforts of many parents, Fairmont succeeded in getting ten—that's 10!—grants from the Ed Fund this year, more than any other school in our District. Founded in 1983, the Ed Fund (http://www.edfundwest.org/) provides small grants to applicants for special programs that benefit our children in their classrooms. This year, Fairmont received more than $8,500 in grants! Congratulations and thanks to our grant writers for their hard work! To get involved in helping with grants, please contact pta-president@fairmontschool.org. No experience necessary. Really.

Here are the grants which were funded:

Music for your Mind and Soul

Grant targets all second graders - $1000

Adds music as an instrument for learning across math, science and language arts, as well as an outing to the San Francisco symphony, and visits by local musicians.

Bringing the Natural World to Kindergarteners

Grant targets all Kindergarteners - $725

Jointly funded by the Ed Fund and Lindsay Wildlife Museum. Introduces the life-cycle to the kindergarten classes through a visit from Lindsay, including a docent and live animals. Butterfly hatchers and an egg incubator, books, journals and art supplies will be purchased to enhance understanding of scientific concepts.

Building an RTI Toolbox

Grant is schoolwide - $965

Resources for teachers, parents, and students who struggle with the standard classroom set-up, including an in-service with an OT for teachers, books, and tools to help identify approaches that might help the student and class.

Celebrate Diversity! In the Style of…Fairmont 3rd graders

Grant targets Mrs. Umoru's 3rd graders - $500

Celebrates our cultures through literature, writing, cooking and visual arts. Students will study four artist, Diego Rivera, Hung Liu, Faith Ringgold and Vincent Van Gogh, developing an appreciation of art while gaining an understanding of our heritage.

Fairmont Band

Grant that targets band for the 3-6th graders - $1000

Purchase music stands, drum set and white board for teaching music notes.

Coming from Where I'm From! Intersecting Art & Culture with the East Bay Center for Performing Arts.

Grant targets 3rd Graders - $700

Explore cultural backgrounds in poetry and art workshops. East Bay Center for Performing Arts will send artists and poets to the classrooms to work with students.

Art of Math

Grant targets grades 1-6 - $1,000

Engage Fairmont students in creative experiences at the intersection of mathematics and art by bringing the Lawrence Hall of Science Art of Math Festival to Fairmont school.

The Write Way: Sixth Grade Memory Book

Grant targets all 6th graders - $778

Produce a sixth grade memory book that contains at least one writing sample from each sixth grade student.

The Fairmont Comics Club

Grant targets grades 4-6 - $866

Develop and writing skills of upper grade students through an exploration of graphic novels and comic books. The club will be coordinated by Mr. Erdmann (project was his brainchild) and volunteers.

Fairmont Mentors

Grant targets 2nd graders - $1000

Please see Elsie MacCracken for more details.

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