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The GoFairmont mailing list provides Fairmont families with news and updates about the school and community. Fairmont's PTA sends out weekly newsletters as well as timely announcements. Join today to learn the latest about PTA and school events.

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At this time, our online announcements is available only in English. However, weekly announcements are available on our Newsletters page. These newsletters, like all of our site's content, can be translated into many languages using the Google Translate menu on our website.

The Details

Our lists are fairly simple. You just send an email to <> from the email account where you want to receive our bulletins. There is no need to enter a subject or message. If your email program requires a subject and message, you can enter "join" in both. (The listserv ignores both.)

A few minutes after you send your "join" message, you will receive a confirmation email. Just click the link in this email and click the Subscribe button to complete your subscription.

You may want to bookmark the list page in your browser so that you can change your preferences later. You can unsubscribe on this page as well.

Unsubscribing From GoFairmont Mailing List

If you kept the registration email you first received when joining the list, you can find links to manage your subscription in it.

You can also unsubscribe by sending a message to "". The mail list server will send you a confirmation email message, and you must click the link in it, then click the Unsubscribe button to complete your unsubscribe request.

Important Note: You must use the email account that is connected with your subscription to make changes. For example, you could not send a subscription request from to change emails to

Coming Soon! (Summer 2017)

We are currently planning to transition our mailing list to a new online tool that will provide better information about how our families are getting the news we provide. We will still publish newsletters weekly (or as available) and have them on our web site. But the messages will be coming from a different service. You may need to add the new service to your anti-spam whitelists. We will be providing more details very soon.


The Fairmont PTA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.