More About BoxTops

Clipping BoxTops is a great way to get younger students to help raise money for Fairmont. Once kids start looking for the BoxTops logo, they'll find them everywhere, and you'll probably be surprised by the number of items you already purchase that have BoxTops on them.

Tips and Truths for BoxTops

  • BoxTops are on brands you already buy! We don't want you to purchase items because of BoxTops, just clip them from what you already have in your house.
  • It isn't just junk food that has BoxTops. Some parents don't like that BoxTops are on many sugared cereals, but they're also on plain Cheerios and Wheaties, as well as on Yoplait yogurts, Nature Valley products, Mott's apple sauce, Progresso soups, Pillsbury rolls, and natural organic products from Annie's, Cascadian Farm, and others.
  • BoxTops are also on household products. We have made as much as $120 just on products such as Ziploc bags, Lysol cleaners, Kleenex, and others in a single year.
  • Just give us current BoxTops! If the expiration date has passed, please toss the coupons. Sadly, we have trashed over $60 in expired coupons each of the last four BoxTops submissions.
  • We only submit twice a year — November 1 and March 1. So don't delay, turn them in today!
  • Don't snip off the date or code! Both must be visible for General Mills to honor the coupon.
  • The BoxTops Jar is on the counter in the school office. Put them there whenever you can (preferably in a plastic snack bag). Our PTA BoxTops coordinator picks them up regularly.


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