GoFairmont 2016-12-13

In this newsletter: Winter Break, Last Chance to Claim Coats, FASEP Registration Open, Last Minute Shopping, Practice Toolbox, Thanks!

Winter Break Schedule

This Friday, Fairmont will be on a minimum day schedule. Students in grades 1 through 6 will be released at 2:05pm. Please make arrangements to pick up your child on time.

Winter Break runs from Dec 17 through Jan 2. If you are looking for activities for your child during the break, consider El Cerrito's Holiday Camp (http://ca-elcerrito.civicplus.com/index.aspx?NID=794) or the Public Library's Discover & Go program, which provides free or deeply discounted passes to local museums, parks, and other venues your child may love (http://ccclib.ask.libraryh3lp.com/questions/20870).

School resumes its normal schedule January 3, 2017. Have a safe and wonderful break!

FASEP Registration Now Open

Winter Session begins January 9 for Fairmont's After School Enrichment Program (FASEP). Art, Chess, Ukulele, and Yoga classes are available at Fairmont after school! Please complete the paper registration form and submit it — along with your payment — to the Fairmont office.

Be sure to register soon!

Last Minute Holiday Shopping and Donations

You're done with your holiday shopping, right? No? Well, consider Fairmont while completing your purchases. We have passive fundraisers set up with a number of institutions, meaning that Fairmont student programs get a small percentage of your purchase on checkout. To learn more, please visit our http://fairmontschool.org/raise-money-fairmont page.

Please also consider making a direct donation to Fairmont. We are a 501(c)3 organization and donations are fully tax deductible. Make donations via check to "Fairmont PTA" and drop them at the school office, or donation online via the Donate page at http://fairmontschool.org/donate.

Thank you for your support!

Lost Your Coat? Act Now Before We Donate Them to Goodwill

Every year we have a pile of lost and unclaimed coats. If your child lost a coat at school, act now! All unclaimed clothing items will be donated this Friday to Goodwill.

Come to school BEFORE Friday to claim lost items.

Practicing Toolbox at Home

With two weeks at home, the possibility of overexcitement, boredom, stress, frustration, and mixtures of emotions the holidays can elicit in us all, the Winter Break is a great opportunity to practice the life skills that Fairmont's Toolbox program provides!

Don't know what Toolbox is? In a nutshell, it is a 12-skill program for coping with and resolving stresses and conflict that arise from our relationships. Fairmont's teachers have been training students in using these skills at school, and last month there was a brief training for parents. We highly recommend parents unfamiliar with or just learning these tools visit the Toolbox web site for more information: https://dovetaillearning.org/. There are several videos that provide details on the goals and outcomes of learning the toolbox.


Winter Concert — We're so proud of all our musical students at Fairmont! We had music performances from Mr. Mark's K-3 program, Fairmont's Beginner and Intermediate bands, Mr. Anthony's afterschool program, FASEP's ukelele class, and Love.Learn.Success's afterschool program! Thanks so much to all the parents who took time during this busy season to attend Fairmont's first Winter Concert. Additionally, a huge thank you to all the parents and groups that made the event successful: Deb Marshall, Dawn Miller, Mark Rosenthal, Christine Vlught, Anthony Billups, Leslie Adams, Greg Sabatini, Jennie Walstrom, our FASEP Program, Scott Thompson, Amy Miles, Connie Giang, Lori Catlin, Shane Anderson, and all the parents that donated and volunteered for set up and clean up, as well as helped at the snack bar.

Kindergarten Tour — Thank you to all of our guests at the Kindergarten Tour on Dec. 2, as well as all our speakers and tour guides. Special thanks to Amy and Ken Miles and all their work bringing this event together.

Golden Gate Fields Fundraiser — Thank you to everyone who helped us raise over $1000 for Fairmont at this event: Connie Giang, Alice Burton, Sherrod Blankner, Shelby Holguin, Lori Catlin, Anita Miller, Jessica Payne, Anjeza Anderson, Amy and Tim Warner. Thanks for your hard work!

Ways to Support Fairmont

Join the PTA! It's easy and a great way to show your child that you support their education. Membership forms are available in the school office. Join today!

Donate! While you can donate when you join PTA, you can donate any time by click on the green Donate button on the school web site. Friends and family are also encouraged to donate to money to support Fairmont programs. Visit http://fairmontschool.org/donate now!

Volunteer! If you haven't already filled our annual Volunteer Survey, please complete it online. Just go to: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1r3Q13_RqJ5msFvidsfq_hfiJywe_8QeZ16zDX2ynJWA/viewform. Send questions to volunteers@fairmontschool.org

Get Your Badge! Apply today for your volunteer badge. These badges let you help in class, on field trips, and more. Start your application at: http://bit.ly/1IUagO8

Thanks so much for your help and for getting involved with Fairmont!

Upcoming Events

  • Dec 14 - Korematsu's Winter Concert, 7PM in Korematsu MPR
  • Dec 16 - Last Day before Winter Break - MINIMUM Day
  • Dec 19 thru Jan 2, 2017 - Winter Break - NO SCHOOL
  • Jan 3, 2017 - School Resumes
  • Jan 9, 2017 - Kindergarten Registration

Community Messages

Korematsu Winter Concert - Dec 14. Get into the holiday spirit with the Korematsu bands! Everyone is welcome to the Winter Concert this Wednesday evening. The concert will feature Ms. Carrico's 5th/6th Grade Band as well as Korematsu's Orchestra, Beginning, Concert and Symphonic Bands. Admission is free. More information about Korematsu is available at http://korematsumiddleschool.org/.

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