GoFairmont 2017-05-21

In this newsletter: Point Bonita Chocolate, Science Fair Viewing & Judging, Teacher Appreciation and Rummage Sale Thanks, Reclassification Ceremony, Senior Center

Point Bonita Chocolate

We still have 10 boxes of chocolate to sell which covers the yearly 5th grade science trip to Pt Bonita. We will be selling the chocolate outside the MPR after school. Please come by and stock up for the summer! 

Science Fair Viewing & Judging

Thursday, June 1st, 6:00-7:30pm, join us in the MPR to see all of the fascinating science projects our students, mostly 4-6th graders, have created. It's a great way to support the students and fuel your little ones' love of science.

If you are interested in judging, there is still time! Come by the MPR at 8:45AM Monday or Tuesday morning to help judge projects. Sign up at http://signup.com/go/Jdksryb.

Teacher Appreciation and Rummage Sale Thanks

Thank you to all of the families who brought food for the staff during Teacher Appreciation Week. Everyone enjoyed the delicious meals and treats and loved their door decorations. You all made the week a special one for our teachers and staff.

Thank you to Greg Chang, Heather Hart, Anita Miller, April Parekh, and Tere Ahumada for running the rummage sale this weekend. All of you worked together through a hot day to raise over $300 for our library fund. Thanks to everyone who donated their items to make our event a success.

Reclassification Ceremony

This year’s Reclassification Ceremony will be May 22nd, 2017 from 6-8:30PM in the Richmond Memorial Auditorium. Come celebrate our Fairmont language learners who have the distinction of having reached English Proficiency. 

Senior Center 

As you may have heard, the City's long-term lease with the school district for the senior center building expires on June 30th. Fairmont School, at 140% capacity with enrollment only growing, needs the space. The ad hoc committee of PTA parents is willing to support a one-year renewed lease, to give the city and seniors time to figure out where to relocate their programs; this would also give the school district and Fairmont community a year to study the building and how it could be used for education. However, the city is pushing for a three year lease with more renewals built in. But El Cerrito's city manager signed a 2004 letter acknowledging the lease would expire in 2017, and has done insufficient planning to protect their senior programming, perhaps assuming the district would carry them forever—at a "rent" of $1/year! Thus, they are stalling until that uncertain date when they have the funding to build a new senior center. (A bond measure that would have provided funds failed last November.) Fairmont's funding for critical facilities needs is expected before then, and so waiting 3+ years leaves us with no ability to plan for improvements if and when the senior center has moved.

If you would like to support re-using the building for school purposes, you should email the School Board on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday of this week - they will be discussing the city's proposal in closed session on Wednesday at 5:30 pm. The more parent and teacher emails they get, the more they know you care about Fairmont. A suggested email follows, but feel free to adapt it and add your own personal story or info to it. Send your email to: elizabeth.block@wccusd.net, valerie.cuevas@wccusd.net, mkronen@aol.com, tom.panas@wccusd.net, mister.phillips@wccusd.net, and matthew.duffy@wccusd.net

Dear Board President Block and Board Members Cuevas, Kronenberg, Panas, and Phillips:

I strongly urge you to approve no more than a one-year lease at market rent for the building located at 6500 Stockton in El Cerrito, historically part of the Fairmont School campus. Fairmont today is at 140% capacity, with no prospect of being rebuilt. The school needs the space, and the parents, faculty, and district can work together over that year to determine the best way to bring the property into school use for fall 2018. The District's job is to serve its kids.





Ways to Support Fairmont

Now is the time to get involved at Fairmont.

Join the PTA! It's easy and a great way to show your child that you support their education. Membership forms are available in the school office. Join today!

Donate! While you can donate when you join the PTA, you can donate any time by clicking on the green Donate button on the school web site. Friends and family are also encouraged to donate money to support Fairmont programs. Visit http://fairmontschool.org/donate now!

Volunteer! If you haven't already filled out our annual Volunteer Survey, please complete it online. Just go to: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1r3Q13_RqJ5msFvidsfq_hfiJywe_8QeZ16zDX2ynJWA/viewform. Send questions to volunteers@fairmontschool.org

Get Your Badge! Apply today for your volunteer badge. These badges let you help in class, on field trips, and more. Start your application at: http://bit.ly/1IUagO8

Thanks so much for your help and for getting involved with Fairmont!

Upcoming Events

  • May 29 - Memorial Day (NO SCHOOL)
  • June 1 - Science Fair Showcase, 6-7:30 p.m, MPR
  • June 8 - Sixth Grade Promotion Ceremony, 10 a.m., MPR
  • June 8 - Last Day of School (NOON Dismissal)

Summer Break

  • July 29 - First Kindergarten Play Date, 10 a.m. - 12 p.m., Fairmont playground (first of four meetings)
  • August 18 - Kindergarten Orientation, 2 p.m., MPR
  • August 21 - First Day of 2017-2018 School Year (Minimum Day)

Community messages

Summer Family Engagement - The African-American Summer Family Engagement Learning Institute is a 2-day training designed to build the capacity of school teams to develop, implement and evaluate family engagement practices that lead to increased academic outcomes for WCCUSD African-American students. During the Institute, your team will:

  • Build capacity around the strategies for improving partnerships with African American families
  • Link family engagement to increased student outcomes
  • Walk away with a one-year plan for increased engagement of African-American families
  • Understand how to ensure that family engagement is a shared responsibility, and that no one person is overburdened

Elementary Schools: June 12 and 13, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. To sign up complete the WCCUSD African-American Summer Family Engagement Institute Application Google Form: https://goo.gl/forms/35x1NO3ktH4uwmv33

TK Info Night - WCCUSD & Early Learning Programs invites you to the Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Parent Information Night for TK students enrolled 2017-2018. The event will be held Tuesday, May 23, in the Cornonado School Multi-Purpose Room 2100, Maine Ave, Richmond, CA. For more information email tk@wccusd.net c/o Judy Gerloff. 

Albany Bike in Movie- Thursday, May 26th, bike down to Albany Community Center for free popcorn and a free movie. They will be showing 'Cool Runnings'. This event runs from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

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