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There are currently no immediate plans to rebuild Fairmont. During the 2015-2016 school year, the school district completed an update to their facilities master plan that altered the construction priorities throughout the school district. For Fairmont, this unfortunately meant going from the head of the line to tenth in line. There is a possibility by 2021 of some changes — updates to bathrooms, painting the school, updating specific rooms with great needs — but these projects are undefined as of November 2016.

In Summer 2017, the school district is adding a new portable to allow for full-day kindergarten at Fairmont in Fall 2017. This new classroom will be located where the school library is now (P1). The school library will be moved to the other side of P4, near the play structure with wood chips, and the play yard will be expanded to include some of the area near the BART greenway, which is actually part of Fairmont's grounds. Funds for this new full-day kindergarten building will NOT come out of school bond funds.

History of Fairmont's Rebuild

On May 4, 2011, the School Board approved the master plan for reconstruction of Fairmont Elementary school. The architects held meetings with parents, staff, and community members beginning in 2010 to craft these plans. The project was approved by the state, but was held up by the reconstruction of Korematsu Middle School (formerly Portola), as a result of the decision to use the temporary campus on Moeser during construction. Korematsu's project was delayed by lawsuits related to the Castro Elementary campus. Korematsu students moved into their new campus on the former Castro site on March 28, 2016. For Fairmont, however, plans were interrupted by a new facilities master plan process initiated in late 2015, before Korematsu's move and before Fairmont's construction could be updated and put out to bid.

Fairmont's PTA leadership was very vocal in advocating for our reconstruction and for moving us up in the construction prioirities. (For some sense of that history, please visit By May 2016, however, it was clear that Fairmont would have to wait to be rebuilt, as the school bond program had only enough money for 2-3 new schools, and even that money would not be available until after 2018.

It is not clear when Fairmont will be rebuilt, but it will likely take passage of another school bond. The current political atmosphere makes that unlikely for many years, despite the lower voter threshold for passage of school construction bonds — 55%, as opposed to the 66.7% needed to pass most bonds.

Archived Documents and History

View the latest series of designs, including materials samples. For the earlier history of this project, please click here to see the redesign project information.

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