Academic Programs at Fairmont

The following are some academic programs organized or financially supported by Fairmont's PTA.

Family Reading Night

This annual event has featured story telling, performances, book exchanges, and more.

Family Math Night

A presentation of math tools, techniques, and games that helps parents support math at home.

Code Night

An annual introduction to programming in Fairmont's computer lab, running in concert with's Week of Code. View our list of online coding resources.


One of our biggest annual fundraisers, Spell-a-thon asks kids to get pledges for each correct word they spell on a special spelling test in their classroom. Top earners and spellers get prizes. The kids love it!

Spelling Bee

Our annual school-day spelling bee features the best spellers from our upper grade classrooms. The winner goes on to the county bee and has a chance to compete in state and national bees.

Science Fair

Fairmont students, especially those in grades 4 through 6, become scientists each spring, investigating an idea that interests them and creating a poster display that shows off their experiment. We can always use judges to help with this event. Please contact if you are interested.


Contact Info

Fairmont Elementary School - 724 Kearney St., El Cerrito, CA 94530 - Phone: 510.231.1448