Fifth Annual Fairmont Auction - March 11

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On March 11, 2017, we will be holding our fifth annual Fairmont Silent Auction at the El Cerrito Community Center. The auction will raise money for the music and science programs, as well as general PTA programs, thus benefiting every child at Fairmont.

Our Silent Auction committee is working hard to solicit donations from companies and organizations. However, to make this event more community-based, we would like to encourage every classroom to contribute an item to be auctioned off in the form of either:

A) An art/craft project by your class. Here are some ideas:
framed painting, homemade cards, painted aprons, tiles, quilt, jewelry, et.

B) A themed gift basket, which is a collection of small items. Here are some ideas for gift baskets:

      • “Sleepover” Basket — for girls: art pencils, yarn, plush toys, mini manicure set, etc.
      • “Spring is Here” Watering Can/Basket — flowerpot, seeds, gardening tools, etc. “Time for Tea” Teapot/Basket — teas, cookies, cute napkins, etc
      • “Movie Night” Basket — popcorn, movie gift card or DVD, gourmet root beer, etc.
      • “Bookworm” Basket — collection of books by one author or of one genre
      • “Budding Artist” Basket — brushes, pencils, canvas, paints, etc “Perfect Morning” Basket — mug, biscotti, coffee, etc.
      • “Just for Mom” Basket — scarf, shopping bag, lotion, tea, etc.
      • “Let’s Cook” Basket/Pot — recipe book, kitchen towels, potholder, etc.
      • “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” Basket — snacks, bat, balls, etc.
      • “Grill Master” Basket — Aluminum Foil BBQ sauce, sauces, oven mitts

The idea is to give every student a chance to participate in a fundraiser that will benefit the whole school. And it would be great if you could work together with the classroom teacher.

If you want to help at the Auction, sign up today at

Please email: to let us know if your classroom would like to participate in the auction, or if you have any questions about the above request.

Contact Info

Fairmont Elementary School - 724 Kearney St., El Cerrito, CA 94530 - Phone: 510.231.1448