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What Fairmont PTA Is About

The Fairmont PTA works hard to improve the school for every student and family. With the cooperation of teachers, staff and families, PTA volunteers have worked tirelessly to:

  • Provide the school with educational events such as Family Reading Night and Family Math Night, as well as assemblies
  • Provide fun activities that also foster family involvement, such as Board Game Night, Family Fun Night and Friendship Dances
  • Improve the appearance of the school. We have transformed an unused plot of land into an edible garden in the past three years. In Spring of 2009, we sponsored the creation of a mural in the kindergarten yard, titled “Growing Minds”
  • Foster healthy habits among our students and families. Last year, we organized a Walk-to-School Day, which we will expand to a Walk-to-School campaign this year
  • Support teachers by providing them allocations to pay for classroom supplies and field trips
  • Financially support Music and Science programs, and have supported the PlayWorks program at Fairmont.
  • Help support and coordinate the Fifth Grade Overnight field trip to Pt. Bonita.

Becoming a member shows your family that school is important and you want the school to be successful. This can translate into greater achievement by your student.

How to Become a PTA Member

At the beginning of each year, the Fairmont PTA sends home membership forms. Membership costs only $20 per parent. Make your checks payable to Fairmont PTA. Please return the completed forms/envelopes to the classroom or school office. Join online with the button at the right, or complete and return the membership form to the school office. (Formulario de afiliación en español.)

Fairmont PTA Board 2018/19

President: April Parekh --

Vice President: Kelly Gould --

Treasurer: Greg Chang --

Secretary: Tracy White Taylor --

Financial Secretary: Yuri Garcia --

Volunteer Coordinator:  TBD--

Membership Chair: Amy deHart --

Other PTA Roles

TBD....Fundraising Chair

TBD.... Spring Auction

TBD.... Safety Committee

Kelly Gould.... Room Parent Program

Anthony Patire.... Fairmont After School Enrichment Program (FASEP)


Claire Boudreaux & Greg Chang.... Garden, Zero Waste Program


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Contact Info

Fairmont Elementary School - 724 Kearney St., El Cerrito, CA 94530 - Phone: 510.231.1448