Raise Money for Fairmont

The Fairmont PTA's mission has always been about improving the learning opportunities, safety and welfare for our students. Parent involvement and support are key to the success of our mission. Whenever you make a donation or support a fundraiser, you are helping to pay for programs that benefit all students at Fairmont, such as Playworks and classroom supplies.

Direct Donations

We always welcome direct donations. Please make donations payable to Fairmont PTA. For your tax records, our Federal Tax ID is: 94-6171906

Supper Clubs

The PTA organizes fundraisers at local restaurants such as Pizza Roma and Chipotle. When you patronize these establishments on the days of the fundraisers, a portion of the sales will go to the PTA.

Look on our calendar for upcoming events.

Easy, Quick Ways to Earn Money for Our School

Clip Box Tops!

EVERYONE can help earn cash for Fairmont by clipping the Box Tops from hundreds of participating brands of everyday purchases from cereal to toilet paper. Each box top is worth 10 cents and it adds up fast when everyone participates. Just look for the Boxtop symbol on your groceries, clip the coupons, and turn them into the PTA box next to the bulletin board outside the main office. More Tips About BoxTops at Fairmont.

Box Tops for Education also has an online mall which offers donations for Internet shopping - but only after you register at their Web site and click on their online mall first before going to the Web sites of various merchants, including Apple, Dell, Gap, Best Buy and Office Depot. If you choose to register with Box Tops for Education, you will again find Fairmont under the 94530 zip code. (You may have to scroll the list to the right to see Fairmont!)


Amazon Smile

You can sign up to use Amazon Smile, just go to https://smile.amazon.com. The first time you log in, you'll be asked to select the charitable organization you want. In the search box type "Fairmont Elementary PTA". Make sure you click the Fairmont in El Cerrito, CA, as there are several others around the country. Set a bookmark so you'll have this portal handy when you're shopping. Amazon Smiles earns us .5%. 


Staples.com®. that was easy® - Office Supplies, Technology, Furniture & more!


If you happen to shop at Staples, just give Fairmont PTA Customer Number: 5769468351 to the cashier when you make the purchase. No need to sign up.

Usbourne Books & More

When you shop for Usborne books on their web site, Fairmont earns free books. To shop there, click https://z3119.myubam.com/47045

Corporate Fundraisers at Fairmont

Otis Spunkmeyer Sale — Buy cookie and pizza dough. We hold this each Fall, and sometimes repeat it in Spring.

Gift Wrap & Catalog Sales — Usually in the Fall. Between 40 and 50 percent of the sales benefit our school.

Other Fundraisers

Spell-a-Thon — Usually in February. Kids study words in their classes and solicit donations for words spelled correctly.

Walkathon — Usually in Fall, this event helps raise health awareness as well as raise funds for the PTA.

Other Fundraisers

Not all fundraisers we've done through the years have been a good fit. But most fundraisers can work with the right person leading the way. If one of the following sounds interesting to you and you're willing to spearhead the effort, let us know. We'll try to connect you with someone who has experience with the event, and you can decide whether it will work again for Fairmont.

Barnes & Noble Book Fair — Books purchased with our flier at Barnes & Noble on a scheduled day provide a percentage of the sales to Fairmont.

Fairmont Olympics — Fairmont held this event to bring a fun, sporty, healthy event to our Spring calendar.

Contact Info

Fairmont Elementary School - 724 Kearney St., El Cerrito, CA 94530 - Phone: 510.231.1448