Reflections Art Program

Express Yourself Through Art in the PTA’s Reflections Program

Each year, Fairmont students are invited to participate in the PTA’s Reflections program, a national art contest designed to encourage students to explore their creativity and personal expression.

This year's theme: "Heroes Around Me"

Entries will be judged in three groups:

  • Primary: Preschool - 2nd Grade
  • Intermediate: 3rd - 5th Grades
  • Middle School: 6th Grade.*

Winners may go on to compete at local, regional, state, and national PTA levels.
If working at home, please submit an entry form with your entry.

* Winners in 6th Grade compete against 7th and 8th Grades at the higher levels. There are also categories for High School grades and special artists (of all ages). Visit for complete rules and information. Please note for the "Heroes Around Me" theme, students cannot submit work that includes trademarked characters such as comic book or movie heroes, e.g., Batman or Ironman, but may create their own, even similar, heroes.

General Information about Contest Entries

Getting Started

Coming up with ideas on a theme can be hard at first. Here are some suggestions from one of Fairmont’s artist parents, Mr. Norcome:

  • How does this years theme uniquely relate to you? Using last years theme “Your Story” as an example. I would first list the things unique about my story. Things like My family and culture, where I live or have lived and the things I love to do. Then i would pick a few things from that list and focus on creating my art piece based on that unique part of me or my life.
  • How can you best communicate your connection to the theme? Take a few minutes to really think about all the possible categories. Which one is most interesting to you? That might be the right one to pick.
  • Keep in mind that the most important part of this showcase is what makes you unique and your personal vision so be as creative as want to be. Take a risk, be brave, express yourself and see what happens. The Fairmont community will embrace your expression of yourself.

Questions? Send an email to

Past Themes

2017 Contest "Within Reach"

Thank you to all of the students who participated in our first Reflections art event in recent memory. This national PTA art contest allows students to submit creative works in several categories, with the entries best fitting the year’s theme moving through contests at the various PTA levels, the winners receiving recognition and prizes along the way.

We received entries in the Visual Arts and Literature categories. In visual arts, Lydia B. won the Intermediate age group (grades 3-5), with Henry B. and Jack O. taking second and third. In the Primary group (grades TK-2), Adri P. won first prize, with Nadav P. taking second. In literature, Clara C. took first prize in the Primary age group; her entry made it all the way to the statewide contest! Congrats!! All students who entered got a free treat coupon, and winners received prizes donated by Jenny K’s.

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