Volunteer Badges

One important way to volunteer is getting a Volunteer Badge. These badges are issued via the School District and show that you have gone through a screening process. With a badge, you can chaperone on field trips, volunteer in the classroom, and so on. The details of this process have varied from year to year, but in general, getting a badge requires that you get fingerprinted, have a photo taken, and indicate whether you've have or had tuberculosis.

Fairmont tries to schedule a free fingerprinting party early in the school year, waiving the usual fee for fingerprinting. Once you have a badge, it is good until the end of your child's time in school;  no additional fees are required.

You can complete the volunteer process at any point during the year, but it is best if you do so early in the school year. Many field trips start in October, so getting a badge in August or September will ensure that you can help with those events.

To get started, visit http://www.beamentor.org/now, or call 510-795-6488 to request an application.

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